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Wanna be a Samurai?

Hello Everyone!

Would you like to try on one of the Samurai outfits in Yamanashi?

There is a sightseeing spot called " Iyashi-no-sato " 5 mins from our inn.
At the one of the houses there called " Takeda Shingen Kan", you can try some Samurai Costume or Kimonos just for fun!  Takeda Shingen was the Japanese Samurai in 16 century.

It is free of charge to try the outfits on and you can take a walk in the village if you like.

Women can also try some Kimonos on. There are so many different patterns and colors of Kimonos and you can choose your favorite type!

It will be a very memorable time for you to be either Samurai or Geisha kind of look just for fun!

Higashimura Inn

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