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Events in Yamanashi Pref.


It's officially rainy season here in Yamanashi too.
With or without rain, we have such beautiful scenery throughout a year.

From this Friday June 18th, the herb festival will begin at Yagizaki Park & Oishi Park near Kawaguchiko.  According to the web site, there will be a local microbrewery beer festival during the herb festival at Yagizaki Park. Umm...now we definitely have to check it out!

Also, this coming Sunday, June 20th, there is the annual road race around Saiko. Unfortunately the entry is already closed so you cannot participate unless you've already registered. However, there will be a pre-event at “Iyashi no Sato” from 4pm on 19th.  We can entry the facility with no admission fee from 4pm and there are several events and a little firework show starts at 7:30pm for 5 minutes.  If you are around Saiko, stop by and enjoy the event!

Higashimura Inn

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