Music Hall
As you might already know, we, Higashimura Inn,  have a great music hall on our premise. You can rent it daily, weekly or sometimes hourly.

It is about 145屐1560 ft²) and completely soundproof. So you can use 24/7 without worrying about other guests. 

There are a piano, drum set and other instruments available for rental.
Also this hall will be good for a small meeting or seminar.

Should you have any interests for renting this hall, please feel feel to contact us!

Higashimura Inn

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Wineries in Yamanashi - Koshu Wines -
With this kind of heat and humidity, you will need a nice & fresh cold glass of white wine.  Right?

Do you know that there are so many wineries and vineyards in Yamanashi Pref.?  → Wineries List (the list written only in Japanese :( )

Japanese Original 「Koshu Grapes」&「Koshu Wine」 are getting so popular nationwide and worldwide as well.  Some English Info is here.

You all should try to come and try to taste some of the Koshu wines in Yamanashi!  I will recommend this one called Domaine Q in city of KOFU.
You will need to make a call and let them know you are coming beforehand.


Higashimura Inn

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Yamanashi is famous for..........


Have you tried peaches in Yamanashi?

Once you have this kind of peaches, you cannot eat the rest of the other kind.

Try & taste them if you get a chance!!!!

Higashimura Inn

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Fireworks Festival was held last week at Lake Saiko!!!!
It was so beautiful!


Higashimura Inn
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Wanna be a Samurai?

Hello Everyone!

Would you like to try on one of the Samurai outfits in Yamanashi?

There is a sightseeing spot called " Iyashi-no-sato " 5 mins from our inn.
At the one of the houses there called " Takeda Shingen Kan", you can try some Samurai Costume or Kimonos just for fun!  Takeda Shingen was the Japanese Samurai in 16 century.

It is free of charge to try the outfits on and you can take a walk in the village if you like.

Women can also try some Kimonos on. There are so many different patterns and colors of Kimonos and you can choose your favorite type!

It will be a very memorable time for you to be either Samurai or Geisha kind of look just for fun!

Higashimura Inn

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Restoring the community ~Iyashi no sato~
Hello everyone!

There is a sightseeing spot called " Saiko Iyashi no Sato neba" only 5 minutes from our Inn.  There are many things to see or do at the area, and you'll have
an amazing view of Mt. Fuji if you are lucky.  

Here is the explanation posted on the facility and I have written down from the snapshot!

"Saiko Iyashi no Sato nenba is a sightseeing spot and a place for communication created by restoring a community of beautiful thatch-roofed houses that was struck by a typhoon in 1966. This project aims to create a community where residents have respect for preserving and inheriting the way daily life was carried out in historic times, traditional techniques, landscape, and natural environment of the community.  In building roofed with thatch grass, you can buy or experience making traditional local handicrafts, or enjoy meals made from local ingredients. In an effort to preserve the community, we also create a new culture based on traditions, and teach thatching skills.  We hope this project will attract wider attention to the traditions and culture of this community, which in turn promote the preservation of these precious assets."

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

Higashimura Inn


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3-day Weekend Special! ~ Higashimura Inn ~

Hello Everyone!

The rainy season is almost over and are you ready for hot fun summer?

We have 3-day weekend coming up this weekend in Japan.
If you haven't gotten any special plans yet, why don't you come up to Yamanashi Pref. to see Mt. Fuji and other beautiful scenaries around here?
We are offering 10 % discount or a bottle of fine Yamanashi wine for each party from July 17-21, 2010. This is limited time offer so don't miss it!

Maybe you would love to enjoy BBQ dinner outside? Check out our other English blog articles. → English Blog

There are so many fun things to do around Mt. Fuji.
If you are interested, please contact us → Click Here

Higashimura Inn

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Handmade Mini Kimono Garnish

As for one of our decorations at the Inn, we have this mini kimono garnish hanging on our wall.  

Many guests from overseas really loved these mini Kimono garnish .  We have also received some requests to purchase them.  We didnt sell at the time, but now these garnishs are available for sale at our Inn. 

Aren't they lovely?

Higashimura Inn
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Breathtaking scenery of Mt. Fuji
Happy Friday Everyone!

Take a look at this fantastic photos of Mt. Fuji!!!!
Mt. Fuji reflects on Lake Saiko.  It's called " Sakasa-Fuji ". 


Just breathtaking scenery, aren't they?

These photos were taken only a minute away from our inn by our owner.

Come and visit us & this region!

Higashimura Inn
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Events in Yamanashi Pref.


It's officially rainy season here in Yamanashi too.
With or without rain, we have such beautiful scenery throughout a year.

From this Friday June 18th, the herb festival will begin at Yagizaki Park & Oishi Park near Kawaguchiko.  According to the web site, there will be a local microbrewery beer festival during the herb festival at Yagizaki Park. we definitely have to check it out!

Also, this coming Sunday, June 20th, there is the annual road race around Saiko. Unfortunately the entry is already closed so you cannot participate unless you've already registered. However, there will be a pre-event at “Iyashi no Sato” from 4pm on 19th.  We can entry the facility with no admission fee from 4pm and there are several events and a little firework show starts at 7:30pm for 5 minutes.  If you are around Saiko, stop by and enjoy the event!

Higashimura Inn

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